A lot of research/due diligence went on before closing on the lot of choice. Things like a survey, perc test (for septic) & a preliminary county building meeting all gave the client the confidence that this was the right lot.

Artist rendering of similar build.

The site plan (Grading & Drainage plan)

Preserving the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert! She's getting relocated.

Check back for more progress pictures!

Rendering of the home to be built:

Pad nearly complete, but unfortunately that saguaro has to be moved.

Building pad starting to take shape. Trying to work around that amazing saguaro!

Trenching & plumbing being roughed in.

Dirt delivery. So much dirt.

Client already had plans drawn to their specifics so this further enabled the lot selection process with confidence. (and if you don't currently have your complete set of plans, our drafters can help!)

That's 7/8ths rebar going in to support 5000psi concrete.

Let the building begin! Building pad level/prep comes first.

The pic on the left is a home build going on less than 1 mile from our subject property. THIS is why your builder matters: do they cut corners when you can't see? Do they do the bare minimum? Would you even know? Make sure you work with a transparent team that wants to build a legacy based on trust, transparency & quality for decades to come.

Trenches getting framed in, plus another excuse for a great sunset shot!

She was relocated to the back of the lot to be a part of the amazing views!

Lot flattened, leveled, compacted & ready for foundation trenching!

We documented the step-by-step process of a Big Ass Garage Home build in the Dynamite Corridor in North Scottsdale.

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Next up: foundation pour....

Screenshot of the login for our proprietary software to track your build! When you build with us, you get automatic & instant notifications of build details, photos & pertinent updates the entire way. No matter where you are, you'll always be in the know when it comes to your home.